Anatomy over Aesthetics

Anatomy over Aesthetics

Written by Flo

Having increased by 2 dress sizes within 8 months was more than enough motivation to start a weight-loss regime. Totally clueless, yet determined I picked up every fat burner and weight loss supplement to shift as much weight as I could, as quickly as possible.  The concoction of chemicals fuelled a recipe for supposed success, losing over 2 kg in a week. Yet a drastic wake up call awaited as a night in A&E sent alarm bells for me to look at what I was doing to my body. I quickly realised looking after my body from the inside out was the best approach to achieve the body I wanted and live the life I needed.

Over the years people have sought out different ways to manipulate the shape of their body in order to “look good”. From pills and potions, cosmetic surgery, to six-pack-abs-corset-vests (yes, there are vests that compress your abdomen to form six packs). There are a plethora of shortcuts to achieve the body that you desire. Some devices and supplements may be perfectly harmless and are simply an aid to accelerate reaching your goals while others are utterly ridiculous. However there are a number of supplements and contraptions that if not used correctly can cause more harm than good.

Even setting yourself a challenge to change your body “naturally” through diet and exercise can have detrimental effects if not approached in the right way. Wanting to drop 3 dress sizes at the expense of being malnourished and starving is far from wise. Similarly, running 10km every single day can do more harm than good to your body. The key thing to remember is BALANCE.

There may be several things you may want to change about your body, but the one thing that is paramount is keeping your body FIT AND HEALTHY. This means that you are in good physical and mental condition particularly as a result of regular exercise and a good a diet.


When your overall goal isn’t to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle you can easily become obsessed with aesthetic beauty as opposed to anatomical beauty. It is true, when you look good you feel good, the same can be said when you feel good you will not be consumed with what you look like.

Focusing on performance goals, such as being able to run a half marathon, or completing 10 full body push ups are an excellent way to analyse your progress, without necessarily getting fixated on your appearance. There is nothing wrong with checking the scale or wanting to drop dress sizes just as long as you have a healthy body inside it. Stay safe and sensible with radical changes to your lifestyle.

What non-aesthetic goals have you set for yourself this New Year? Maybe to be able to run 5K comfortably without feeling like you are dying?  Or maybe being able to plank for 1min longer to strengthen your core?  Let us know

Get up and go with the fit Flo

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