Of the moment: Crochet Braids

Of the moment: Crochet Braids

As far as hairstyles go, I would be tempted to say that crochet braids have been the style of the season. You cannot go online without finding someone who is rocking the heck out of their crochet braids, from curly synthetic to voluminous marley braid variations, crochet braids are everywhere!

It really is not surprising that this hairstyle is being embraced once again. With the look and ease of a weave (when done properly) and the versatility of  individual braids, crochet braids are definitely worth a try!


crochet braids

Even we got in on it!

Tempted to give it a go? Here are 3 tips to ensure a good install;

  • The braiding pattern – this doesn’t have to be perfect 10 braids going straight back would suffice. However if you want a more ‘natural’ looking style you might want to do your braids smaller and more slanted to allow the hair to fall nicely.
  • The hair – crochet braids are very versatile and can be done with a number of different types of hair. I would suggest if you want a more natural look to go with marley hair or kinky twist hair.
  • The knotting method – How you knot your hair can affect how the finished hair will look, I tend to do my knots using the loop method shown in the video below by TheChicNatural. Doing it this way is quick and it also makes it easy to remove the synthetic hair when you’re ready for a change.

Still need some help? This video will give you a simple explanation of how to go about installing this style.

If you are rocking crochet braids then we want to know about it! Tell us in the comments, on twitter or on Instagram!

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