Behind the Fashion

Whilst killing time on the internet the other day I came across a video on youtube of Aisha Obuobi, the founder of Christie Brown being interviewed by Maame Adjei who plays Zainab in the web series An African City. It’s fair to say I was pretty excited! I have been a fan of Christie Brown for years now and recently binge watched the entire first series of An African City.

Haven’t heard of either of these things? well let me give you a quick rundown.

Christie Brown is a fashion brand based in Accra and founded by Aisha. The clothes are a mix of African fabrics and techniques merged with what would tend to be seen as a more western silhouette. The fashion label supplied most of the wardrobe from season 1 of An African City, which was been described as an African version of Sex and the City…which it is not in my opinion…but that does not mean it isn’t good. It’s fabulous!

It was interesting listening to Aisha talk about her inspirations and her views on where the African fashion industry is going. I particularly agreed with her thoughts on new designers having a voice and a reason for making clothes, because as most of us know, in the African community everyone knows a tailor or 10!

Take a look at the video and if you haven’t already go watch An African City! You can tell us what you think of it over on twitter or in the comments.


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