On the Small Screen

On the Small Screen

For a long time now we have been crying out for more diversity on our TV screens. It’s a shame that in 2015 we are still reminiscing about the good ol’ days when we watched Desmond’s. Thankfully for us, there have been people who were not content to just sit back and do nothing, but used YouTube as a platform to provide fantastic programmes. From oldies like Awkward Black Girl to the plethora of other web series now available we are almost…almost spoilt for choice. However as great as it is to be able to go to YouTube and watch these programmes, it’s always nice to come home, flop on the sofa, flick on the telly and catch a programme that speaks to your personal experience. This is why we were very excited when we heard that Sky Living had decided to air the webseries Venus Vs Mars. In a nutshell the series follows the life of Venus, a successful young woman, as she navigates the world of dating and relationships. This has been a YouTube hit for a while now and it is good to see that programmers from channels like Sky are taking notice of the creativity that there is online. Venus Vs Mars will be on our TV screens every Thursday at 11pm starting tonight! #Supportasista

To celebrate this series taking a leap from the internet to our TV screens we thought we would share some of our YouTube favourites…

Ackee and Saltfish

A&SW+-+Tennis.Still001Produced by Cecile Emeke this series is essentially all about friendship.  It follows the life of Olivia and Rachel as they navigate through various aspects of their lives. This is a personal favourite because it shows those moments that really only happen with you and your BFF. The smell my breath situation in ‘The Interview’ episode and the Lauryn Hill tickets prank in the first episode will have you messaging your friend like..’this is soooooooo us!’.

Life of Hers

life1From the moment I first watched Life of Hers I was hooked! It was like a replica of my friendship circle was being played out on screen. Written by Samantha Chioma, this series does a great job of reflecting the reality of the modern young woman. It is well written and produced, it’s just a shame we are still waiting for the next series *hint hint*.


housemates1What happens when you decide to move in with 5 of your friends? If it’s anything like my days at uni, it will be a hot mess! Based on the life of the creator and director, Monique Needham, Housemates is a series documenting the interactions of a group of 5 friends who decided to move in together. With so many personalities in one place there are sure to be many comedic moments. This series is new on the scene so you will be able to catch up in no time.

These are just 3 of the web series we are watching at the moment. We want to know what your favourite UK web series are – share with us in the comments!

I can’t end this without giving a shout out to the series First, shown on Issa Rae’s channel on YouTube, this one is for all the romantics. It will have you all in your feelings!


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