Inspire: Brenda Kabasiita

Inspire: Brenda Kabasiita

Inspiration – Being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.


The powerful force, that is social media closes the gap of distance and transmits powerful messages that can inspire, motivate and educate. The plethora of fitness pages depict an array of transformations, from overweight women that have become fitness models, to women that have lost their post pregnancy weight. Yet the transformations that inspired me the most were the ones closest to home. Women that I personally knew and could relate to.

Brenda’s curvaceous bootylicious body and larger than life personality would catch your attention almost instantly. She carries herself with an illustrious confidence. She has lost 2 jean sizes and dropped 3 dress sizes. AMAZING! I met Brenda while I was studying in Portsmouth; I recently caught up with her to gain an insight as to how she started her fitness journey.

Flo: It’s been great to see your Instagram posts (on @fierce_fitnessjunkie) with transformation pictures and workout regimes. What was the trigger for you to start your weight loss regime?

brendah1Brenda: Seeing myself in that pink dress was the trigger; I didn’t think I was that big! The scariest part is thinking I was hot when I took that picture! I thought I was the hottest thing alive. Then when I saw it I was like “wow I look pregnant”. So I decided to start small by going to the gym once in a while but I just didn’t get it.

The picture on the left (below) was taken a few days before my 20th but on my actual birthday I decided I didn’t want to be fat in my 20s, I wanted to be successful in everything I did and it had to start with my weight. I started by doing a detox which I enjoyed and did a few times but lost a lot of weight which resulted in me deciding that I didn’t want to be skinny. I moved onto striving for just the right kind of sexy, so after a period of time I decided to eat healthy and started weight training to get to the body shape I wanted.

Flo: Your transformation pictures made me realise that it was possible to change my body and take my diet and training seriously. Were there any people that you would say inspired you along the way?

Brenda: There was a girl on YouTube that formed a group on Facebook called “Summertime Fine Cuties” so I joined it and then

brendah2 started to chat with the girls in the group. There were so many weight loss success stories that proved to be a great support during my journey.

Flo: I know from personal experience anything you want does not always come easy. What challenges or difficulties did you incur along your weight loss journey and transformation and how did you overcome them?

Brenda: The need for “normal” eating and still trying to lose weight, that was hard. My cravings used to get a head of me but I learnt to explore and eat what was healthy and loved it. It was the challenges that kept me going and I paced myself with one challenge at a time.

Flo: What advice would you give to someone that wants to change their body but feels it’s out of reach?

Brenda: The best advice is don’t compare yourself to whoever has lost the weight before you. Your weight loss journey is going to be different. Work with what you have and find out what works for your body.

Brenda’s journey highlighted that real people can make real changes to their lives. With the correct support, education and inspiration you will be able to achieve the lifestyle and body you desire. Who or what inspires you to make those changes to your life?

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