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We love finding out new things, engaging in discussion and sharing things that inspire us in the hopes that you find inspiration too!

Founded by two friends, Fola Buck and Mundia Situmbeko, Woven Musings is our space to share anything and everything that is related to hair, more specifically Afro-textured hair. We are both naturalistas and want to discover with you, engage with you and the hopes of inspiring each other.

Although hair is our main focus we also enjoy celebrating all things good coming out of Africa and the Diaspora and sharing this with you can be considered an extension of our daily conversations. We bring our West and Southern African roots together with our experience in the West to start a conversation. Woven Musings is a space where we hope to encourage discussion around issues affecting us in the 21st century, particularly women, whether it be among the Diaspora or those in developing nations. Africa is our main inspiration; the beauty, the diversity, the fusion of cultures and most of all, the positivity and resilience that comes out of the hearts of the African people despite ongoing hardship.

We also combine these issues with sharing our love for the arts, fashion, beauty and hair and sharing our thoughts, travels and everyday experiences with you in a fun and interesting way. Our hope is to create a platform that encourages positive discussion amongst our readers.

Our motto is simple – accept who you are with all your complexities, whether it be a situation similar to ours, trying to reconcile being of African decent and living in the UK or something else.

“explore the world, meet new people, experience different cultures and ask lots of questions, your life will be richer for it”

Fola and Mundia


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