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Bibi Gnagno

Bibi Gnagno is tBIBIhe founder of, a platform she started to share her love for a good green smoothie, how she styles her hair and how she stays empowered through the storms of life. The site has metamorphosed into a community that loves, empowers, laughs and encourages each other. Through her signature program 40 – day feast for Body and Soul, to her two books, She Took the Leap and Secrets of a Confident Woman, and her documentary, Is that all your hair? Ms. Gnagno is changing the world.

Raised in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire located in West Africa, Ms. Gnagno later moved to Oakland, CA and went on to receive an outstanding education. Aided and guided by supportive parents, teachers and mentors, Bibi obtained a Masters in French and a Juris Doctor and went on to become a Fulbright-Clinton scholar.

Her website has been dubbed by one of her client’s as “ a modern day lifestyle advisor.” She shares her knowledge and experiences by providing tools and information for women who want to create their best lives through hair, health and empowerment through consultations, and live events.

Bibi Gnagno has given workshops around the world and spoken at the U.S. Embassy in Guinea, Conakry as well as appeared in numerous media publications such as Munaluchi Bride, Huffington Post,, France24 and ChinaPost. Bibi loves African dance, a good green smoothie, and a good “woo woo” movie. When she is not editing videos, writing or teaching, Bibi is laughing on the phone with girlfriends or detangling her hair. Ms. Gnagno splits her time between the States and West Africa.

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Florence Quarshie

IMG-20150217-WA0006Some say Florence is a fitness freak, fitness fanatic but she prefers the term fitness enthusiast. She woke up one day and said “enough is enough, I want a fit and healthy life”.

At age 11 Florence was a UK size 20, yet extremely active, playing basketball, netball and swimming. She kept active to try and shift the weight but nothing really seemed to work. At age 13 she made a conscious decision to lose weight by joining a gym and reducing the cakes that she ate. It worked, for a little while at least. However she couldn’t maintain it as she became complacent.

Studying Biomedical Science sparked Florence’s interest in nutrition and brought great insight into its importance in the human body. It finally clicked why she had been struggling to change her weight for so many years. The cliché ‘eat well and exercise regularly’ and actually understanding the processes that are involved in our bodies made all the difference for her – meticulous eating regimes and intense and regular exercise saw her kickstart her fit and healthy lifestyle. Florence felt less insecure about her body and regularly reflects on the late Maya Angelou’s words,“If you don’t like something , change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude towards it”.

The fact that the fitness’ enthusiast’s grandmother died from diabetes and that her mum was facing health complications because of her weight only made Florence more determined to make a permanent change to the way she lived. With trial and error and perseverance she explored how she could actually change her weight and lifestyle for good.

“Bye bye Fat Flo, Hello Fit Flo”

Feeling fitter, stronger and more confident than ever she has turned her passion into a profession and became a qualified personal trainer in order to share all this new found knowledge and advice to help those around her. She started on a weight-loss journey, now she’s pursuing a Fitness journey. It’s pretty simple; Fit Flo is all about transforming your lifestyle to become a fitter YOU. You don’t have to live in the gym or spend hundreds of pounds on diet pills. Making changes and adjustments to your eating habits and physical activities can set you on your way to feeling stronger, energised and simply fabulous.


Tete Munalula

11092554_374096169454879_706721650_nTete Munalula is a student Naturopathy in London. Her love for herbs and alternative therapy began when she traveled to India. During her travels she began reading the theory of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and ancient medicinal practices. She began using Ayurvedic oils, eating more herbs and eating healthy vegetables and unprocessed food as a form of healthcare. She felt so healthy and in tune with nature and the way this made her feel made her want to study it further.

Tete was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary syndrome in 2013 and in the space of 5 months she  managed to reverse her PCOS by changing her diet, lifestyle, using herbal tinctures, and using the principles that she was taught in her first semester of her naturopathic course. She managed to do this without surgery. Her experience was inspirational to herself as she saw firsthand how powerful nature is if you believe in it and have patience. In her own words: “If you feed your body with goodness nature will take its course and take care of you. I am pleased to have this opportunity to spread the word and hope that my blogs can be as life changing to others too”!

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